Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Open house

Ok tonight was open house at our School this yr I will have 2 boys in the public school system. Zachary will be in the 3rd and nathan will be in the pre-k program. Zachary walked into his classroom looked at his room and then walked out, saying ok let go. we made him go back in find his seat, and talk to the teacher, I am more nervous than he is , 3rd grade is BIG they learn so much, and plus the beginning of EOG's ugh ... And Nathan will be starting the pre-k program, he walking into the class room and said he did not want to be here. First thing that poped in my head was great we are going to have a wonderful year... I Know how Nathan can be he is very strong willed and head strong and he wants his way all the time.. I know the teacher's are in for a treat... So every one who reads my blog... please pray for me that my boys will have a good year, and pray for me that I will not lose my mind, oh wait that has already happen...

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